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Royalty!Au, Fairytale/Fantasy! AU

Royalty AU: Corey’s a wandering, broke-as-hell bard constantly pressing his luck and narrowly escaping certain death on the regular, telling stories and singing songs, with a little help from the friends he picks up on the way. What none of them yet know is that Corey is the exiled prince long thought dead, come to reclaim the throne from the tyrant queen.

Fairytale/Fantasy AU: Honestly basically the same thing as above but with dragons and mermaids and shit. 


(by Sara_Morrison)


I don’t want to do schoolwork. 
I just want to sleep.

man, i really feel you. Mega caps ex-hau-sted.

{end of M!A}

Give me an AU and I’ll tell you what my muse would be in it.


  • western!au = my muse is a cowboy
  • royalty!au = my muse is a princess
  • etc.
I love Grojband! The Allie and Katie post was the cutest! Thanks! Love the blog!

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They’re… around!

shoulders, teeth


Shoulders: Would you rather be pampered or be the one pampering?
Teeth: What is your favourite meal?


"I’m a little selfish on this one - I’d love to be pampered. Only for a day, though.
                 I’m also a little shellfish - I love seafood, especially crab and lobster.”

That pun was executed with the skill of a sturgeon. Clearly we’re dealing with a profishional here.




finding people who appreciate a good bass line more like

hi marry me



Hey, you won’t have to worry about either wedding band!

All puns aside
I do.

Hang on, didn’t we do the whole wedding-band thing already? Did that work out well, ‘cause I seem to remember a lot of shouting and swanboats.